The best seafood products. Sanalordu.

A wide assortment of the most delicious seafood products, including fresh, frozen, and salt octopuses, mussels and clams, oysters, salmon, crabs, lobsters, and so on.

We boast of high-level processing and on-time delivery to any corner of the world.

The best types of seafood products


A freshwater fish related to catfish, pangasius is climbing the chart of favorite seafoods of the U.S., up three spots from its 2010 ranking.


A relative newcomer to the U.S. seafood market, barramundi is finding a place both at high-end restaurants and mid-scale retailers.

Argentinian red shrimp

Having fully matured, wild caught shrimp don’t have any of the stress hormones associated with their farm raised cousins and so, have a fresher flavour than most shrimps available in the market.

The most amazing seafood recipes

Tuna noodle casserole

The expression “goes together like peas and carrots” doesn’t even do this casserole justice; although, those two ingredients help to make the creamy casserole a delectable comfort food.

Pan-Seared Salmon with Dill Sauce

Salmon is a go-to for busy nights because it cooks so quickly and goes with so many different flavors. The creamy dill sauce with cucumber tastes light and fresh.

Simple Ceviche Recipe

An easy, delicious Ceviche Recipe made with fresh fish, chili, lime, cilantro, avocado, tomato and cucumber. A very simple recipe -perfect as a flavorful appetizer or a light meal.

The best tips on how to cook seafood products

Make sure you’re using the right oil

When frying catfish, grapeseed, canola or olive oil are best because they are high smoke point oils. Nut oils like almond or pistachio work best with medium-heat sauteing, not deep frying.

Invest in a fish spatula to avoid accidentally ripping your fish

If you're serious about cooking fish, you should buy yourself a fish spatula. These spatulas are super thin and flexible, meaning they can get underneath delicate fillets without ripping them apart.

Bivalves on the Barbeque

Oysters and scallops are easy to prepare on the grill -- no shucking required!

Taylor Wolfe

a seafood products supplier

Sanalordu is a well-known seafood products delivery company found in 2006. Since that time we make everything in order to satisfy our clients with high quality seafood and fish products.

Are you a real connoisseur of seafood products? Do you want to order frozen or fresh shrimps, crabs or lobsters? Our seafood products suppling company offers its customers a wide assortment of high-quality seafood products.

Among them, you can find delicious blue crab, frozen crawfish, fresh squid, European oysters, cooked langoustes, and so on. Choose your favorite seafood and make an order right now!

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